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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Interesting Gun Offer

I know a guy who has a small business a couple towns over. Happened to be in the neighborhood and stopped in to say hello. Business was slow so he had time to chat.

Now we aren't real close. Neither of us has been to each other's house. We are close enough that if we happen to be in a restaurant at the same time, we might share a table and cup of coffee. We'd probably be closer if we lived nearer to each other and had more compatible schedules.

So there we are having a pleasant conversation. The state of the world comes up. Both of us expect tough times ahead. Neither of us are too confident on the timing or how it will shake out. There's enough stuff in motion right now that something bad is likely to happen within the next year. We agree on that much.

Then he gets real serious. He asks me if I've got any guns because if I don't have one he's willing to give me one. I assured him I had a few. We then compared guns and calibers and he seemed relieved that I had something for personal defense.

After that, in strictest confidence he tells me his bug out plan. His plan is not something most people would or should do. Let's just say he plans of living an isolated and primitive lifestyle. He could pull it off as a few years ago he lived two years in a tepee, right through New Hampshire winters. I don't think there's more than 3 or 4 people who know of his plan.

His level of concern for me and his trust was humbling. Maybe we are closer friends than I thought. Heck, in the big scheme of things, we must be of the same tribe.



  1. Damn,sounds like this fella thinks highly of you!Not to many folks gonna up give a weapon of any kind.Maybe to family or best friend.Isn't it great to know not everyone is out just for their selves.Very cool!


  2. There is one person I work with who knows what I've got, and what my plans are, and I know his. Besides my gardening cohort the "Terrorist Farmer", and my close family, he is the only one who knows. I have yet to talk to anyone who has adequate hurricane preps much less SHTF preps. They might be keeping mum, it seems the level of distrust is rising...