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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cop Stop

Blue lights flashed behind me and my first thought was -what the heck is this all about? I was driving under the speed limit. In a cops mind that might be suspicious behavior. With all the moose and bear running around at night, slow driving is only prudent.

There was almost no one on the road -except for that guy who'd been tailgating me for the last few miles. We were coming up on a passing zone so I expected him to pass me. Didn't know it was a cop. He stopped me right at the town line.

He claimed my truck drifted over the yellow line. It's possible. I was tired and there was no traffic. It did give him an excuse.

He came up real close in my face to see if I was drinking. For his troubles he was rewarded with a blast of onion breath. They make darn good onion rings where we'd just had a late dinner. The cop let me go. No ticket or anything. Said he was glad I wasn't drinking.

Now just in case he's reading this blog, I won't mention the law I actually was breaking when he stopped me. It's not my problem he was so focused on drunk drivers.