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Thursday, May 19, 2011

My activities look like fraud

According to the credit card companies, my activities look like fraud.

We don't use credit cards all that much, and when we do, the banks panic and freeze our account. Back in February, my debit card stopped working. I never could get that straightened out over the phone. It had to wait until we got back from vacation and I physically walked into my local bank. Even then, there was some confusion on how to make the problem go away.

Since that card froze up, we ended up using a credit card. Using that card a few times was enough to get it frozen too. We never noticed, as we discovered my wife's debit card, on our joint account, still worked.

Well, today, cash being a bit tight, my wife tried to use the credit card again and was refused. (She had a backup.) Turns out it's been frozen since we bought some nice sheets back in February. I guess sheets with a decent thread count are way out of my normal buying habits. Not that we've used that card enough to get a track record.

Now a lot of what the big banks are doing looks like fraud to me, but who's going to cut them off?



  1. Maybe you could freeze payments to them???

  2. Nice idea Dizzy. One day we might all decide to do that, and that would be the end of the banks.

  3. probally you don't have enough credit charges for them to make money off of...