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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Traffic stops

Last night my lovely wife and I drove up 93 from Massachusetts to the Great North Woods of New Hampshire.

One of the odd things we noticed was all the police out on the road. They were stopping tractor trailer rigs all over the place. By the fourth, it stuck out. By the sixth or seventh it was definitely a trend. Sometimes a single truck had two police cars checking it out.

Also noticed an unmarked government car on the road, with a guy talking on a handheld. By the way G-men, a car with a government license plate isn't really an unmarked car.

Traffic is pretty light north of Concord, so it's easy to notice what other vehicles are doing. All the police activity seemed out of place, as if they were actively looking for something, not just normal traffic stops.

There's all kinds of odd activity out there on the road. Most of the time, we never learn what's behind it.



  1. Maybe it was the New Hampshire Border Patrol checking to see if any of those rigs were smuggling Massholes into the North Country? It would suck if Coös County became like Nashua.

    Connecticut has been stepping up commercial vehicle enforcement lately, especially since we had that accident a few years back and could use the extra income from the fines they levy on the drivers and companies when they find something amiss. I suspect other states might be doing the same.

  2. Or something to do with the dead wee boy found in a ditch. I think they have the mother now and she is in hospital for observation...

  3. link to story

  4. There was a virtual platoon of DPS troopers working US 77 today between Raymondville and Sarita. I also saw several 18 wheelers pulled over both coming and going from Corpus to South Padre Island. All this activity was highly unusual. Way more than normal. After the "IED" which was found on 77 here a couple weeks ago, I guess this was to be expected, but nary a peep from the local "media". Move along, nothing to see here....

  5. I wonder if it's a nation wide effort?

  6. These are not the droids you are looking for.

    And hey, watch the Masshole comments please. Yes I'm originally from NH, but I have made some very nice friends here in MA.

  7. I lived in Auburndale, right where the Mass Pike and 128 cross. There are many nice people who happen to live, or are from, MA. And then there are Massholes. Then you have everything West of Springfield, where things are really nice and would be better if they made it part of Vermont.

    Unfortunately in Massachusetts, just like New York and to a lesser extent Connecticut, the cities pretty much rule over the more rural areas and set the politics for the state.