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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Turkey for two

I roasted a whole turkey for just the wife and I. A lot of people only eat turkey on special occasions, but we cook them them up fairly often. Now the wife and I hardly make a dent on even a fairly small turkey, but that's not a problem. Once cooked, it makes excellent sandwich meat and left overs. Much cheaper than buying cold cuts at the deli. Much of the cooked turkey gets frozen for another day. The bones go in the crock pot for soup. Home made turkey soup is pretty good eating. It freezes well too.

Turkey goes on sale fairly often. That's when I usually buy it. Even its normal everyday price isn't all that bad. There's a very high ratio of meat to bone on a turkey.

I cook my turkey in an old kitchen woodstove. It takes a bit more care than in a modern oven. Most old stoves have hot and cool spots. The side near the firebox and the top of the stove are hotter on most old stoves. One way to deal with that is to rotate the turkey every 45 minutes or so. Keep an eye on the top of the bird and cover with a lid or foil if the top gets too crispy. I've been known to even flip the turkey upside for part of the cooking process.

Some people cook turkey in a deep fryer. I don't do it myself, as it takes an awful lot of good quality cooking oil to do it right. It's an expensive way to cook. Often I've taken the used oil off people's hands because they don't what to do with it after. (I burn it in my converted diesel truck.)

As food prices keep climbing, we have to do what we can. Sometimes the solution is pretty yummy.



  1. Thats good eatin all right. those were some good points about cookin in the wood stove. Lot of people don't know the first thing there at all. Brings back some memories.

  2. We also eat turkey often, one because it often goes on sale and is cheap, the other it's simply good and versatile eating.
    Does cooking in a wood stove take your full attention to do it right?

  3. I like turkey! Better than chicken to me...
    Inexpensive eatin' and makes great sandwiches!

  4. Yukon, it does take frequent checks in the woodstove. Lots of variables. Gotta keep the fire going. It can be done successfully. When I do bread, I move the pans around all the time too.

  5. Yeah, I always have thought that deep frying method to be really wasteful.