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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Should I have been more paranoid?

Sometimes I don't think my tinfoil hat is on tight enough. Friday the 13th, I get up, put the coffee on and fire up the computer. The first thing I notice is that my Blog is down. The second thing I notice is that my e-mail server is down.

Then I shrugged and made myself a cup of coffee. What was I thinking? At that point, I should have broken out the 30-06 and scanned the sky for black helicopters.

Just kidding. I'm not that paranoid. Maybe I should be, as we all know there are weirdos out to get us.

I soon discovered the rest of the Internet was up and running. Nothing major appeared to be happening.

I do like to check in on the world. You never know when some disaster might be going down. Stuff happens. Just ask the Japanese. If my Internet connection is down, I'll turn on the FM radio and see if the stations are up and running. Should my local station go down, (it has happened during ice storms) then I'll see what I can pick up on my shortwave. Should everything be off-line, I'd have some serious concerns.

Today, it appears the end of the world was postponed once more. My wife and I took my daughter, granddaughter, and a bottle of wine for a leisurely sail. Might as well, as the jack booted thugs weren't coming for me after all.



  1. Friday the 13th was a good day here. And, yes, the first thing that went through my mind was that big brother shut down blogger. Then I went and read the info that blogger posted and was mostly convinced. Still wonder a little if some post on Thursday contained something that big brother didn't want us to know.

  2. as It drew on into hours that blogger was offline, I too started to wonder how many bloggers would be up and posting when it returned. I must say I lost some comments when it returned. It had to be something bigger than routine maintenance for it to be down that long. FB was down for a few hours just the day before.

  3. Does make you wonder sometimes, doesn't it?

  4. That's the trouble with being an info junkie.
    I am so used to being able to tap into the net to see what is happening around the entire planet that I get freaked out when I can't get access.
    That is the big difference between now and a hundred years ago when it took days or weeks for important news to go coast to coast, let alone around the globe.

    Not having a television really doesn't bother me .