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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ambulance photo

Here’s my ambulance to camper project. At this point I’ve removed about 2/3 of the decals.

As you can see, the emergency lights are still on. I’m going to have some fun removing those.

There’s going to be plenty of taping and sanding before the painting starts. My lovely wife and I are still discussion exactly how it will look. We have general agreement on the basic color scheme, but the devil’s in the details.



  1. I remember some comments made during Katrina evacuations and aftermath, that vehicles that looked like they needed to pass through check points quickly were often waved through. Government White color scheme, plain hub caps, that sort of thing.

  2. Sixbear as an old married man you know to let the wife choose the color and decor of the inside!You got a play pretty let her decorate it.She will win any way just haggle so you get your extras with out a fight.remember its her house your yard her camper your boat.Go here for a few ideas bet you already have the link.

  3. Is it illegal to leave the emegancy lights on the vehicle even if they are disconnected?

  4. Anon: I must admit to being tempted to keep it semi-official looking. Throw in some white jumpsuits and hardhats and we'd be all set.

    Gary: my lovely wife is cool with me buying an ambulance to convert into a camper. I'm not going to struggle about colors. It's like when we bought a sailboat. She could name it whatever she wanted -I had a sailboat so what's in a name?

    Dizzy, there are state laws that I could afoul with. I'm told there is a fair market for light bars on ebay.

  5. Would like to see the finished product. Neat idea. I just may have to keep my eyes and ears open here. I'm sure our fire dept. will be buying a new ambulance in the future.

  6. Some Volley will but the full sized lightbar to put on his 1986 Chevy Citation.

  7. Actually, could you just change the red and white lenses to yellow on a civilian vehicle?

  8. That is too cool! I would like to have one of those. I'd leave what was legal on it and put the "Ghost Buster" emblem on it...LOL Just kidding

  9. para -I might change the side and back flashers to amber, but the big light bar has to go.

    Mama Bear - you are not the first to make that suggestion, but it's still a cool one.

    Mom Lady -happy hunting.

  10. I'm sure there's a Volley with more money than sense who would buy that lightbar.

    Flashers aren't a bad idea, if you do just throw amber lenses on 'em. If you do plan on camping, traveling some questionable quality roads, the idea of a big-ass hazard light is a worthwhile one.

    Did they leave the med fridge in?

  11. Hey Para, no med fridge. I do have the drug locker. 1100 watt inverter. Suction device. (I'm going to hook it to my water filter to speed things along). Those amber covers cost $30 each, and I'll need 6. Any money made from selling the big light bar will go to that fund.