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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Conversion continues

The ambulance to camper conversion is moving along. Perhaps not as fast as I’d like, but progress is being made.

Today the last of the decals were finally removed. It was a slow and time consuming operation. Glue residue remains and will have to be cleaned up. My son-in-law told me about using a product that works well. He can’t remember the name of it, but it’s designed for auto body shops. His step father has a small auto body place and should be able to set me up.

The sun came out briefly, giving me a chance to do a bit of painting. All the red flasher lenses were removed and painted black with a special plastic spray paint. A couple hours later the clouds moved in and rain threatened. The paint was dry enough to mount the lenses back on the vehicle. That last thing I need is rain working its way into the insulation between the walls.

The weather turned nasty just as I was just starting to figure out how to remove the light bar. Removing it isn’t hard. Removing it without destroying it is another thing entirely. So far, no damage.

It’s probably a good thing that the flashing lights are now disabled. I must admit to playing with them a bit. Word reached me that people across the lake have started to wonder about all the flashing red lights. They wonder if there’s been a lot of medical emergencies or fires on this side of the lake. Maybe I’d better disable the siren soon too.



  1. Nah, you got to keep a few toys to play with, you know a few whistles and bells.

  2. I could put a couple of hidden switches that make everything live again. That would be cool.

  3. Your a former fireman you know they got to go.i think 1 more day will be ok . I bet its like shooting a gun with a selector switch got to flip it at least once :}.

  4. If you can get your hands on some toluene, it makes short work of sticker glue, and only causes cancer in lab rats : )

  5. Toluene is nasty stuff. It think I'll try a pin stripe eraser first.