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Friday, October 21, 2011

Post Gaddafi Libya

Gaddafi is gone, by all accounts a mean bastard and crazy whack job.

Now the real battles begin. The oil companies can squabble for the spoils of war. French telecom giants can get those lucrative North African Contracts. Gaddafi built a huge canal system and water works. Clean fresh water is the new oil. I wonder what other riches the country has? I’m sure bean counters in the world’s capitals have a very very good idea. The battle is on for the spoils of war.

Do you think the Nato air campaign was donated to the rebels for free? Do you think the countries involved aren’t positioning themselves to cash in? It’s not called a Military Industrial Complex for nothing. War is business by other means.

Maybe I’m just a cynical old curmudgeon. Then again, we aren’t sending jets over Syria, where people are dying in the streets by the thousands. Syrian rebels have nothing to sell.



  1. Same thing for N. Korea, and parts of Afrika....folks getting wiped out there for years...and seems there is no need to "spread democracy" there..(no resources = no freedom bombs).

    US/NATO Democracy delivery means we will furnish freedom and death until you give up and hand over your country.

    Check out "War is a Racket" book by ret. General Smedley in 1932.

    Good post...thanks
    Bigfoot in TX

  2. I'm sure all of his cronies are already out or trying to get out of the country before the people they pushed around get around to some 'retribution', it isn't going to be pretty. 30 years of tyrany, you are going to make some enemies.

  3. wonder just how long the libya start to rebel against their new american/nato owners...

    they may not be willing to trade off for another type of dictator....


  4. Bigfoot: Familiar with General Smedley. He was right then and it applies more so now.

    Anon: not it ain't gonna be pretty.

    Wildflower: There's already talk of "how do we get the guns out of the hands of all these people?" When you've fought for freedom once, you aren't in a hurry to give it up.