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Monday, October 24, 2011

Ism Goggles

Ism goggles cloud your vision. We put them on in the hopes they’d help us seem more clearly. Under the right conditions, they seem to work, but the failure rate is very high.

What the heck are Ism goggles? An “ -ism,” is a suffix affixed to words to indicate a belief or an ideology. Hence: CapitalISM, CommunISM, SocialISM, LibertarianISM, CatholicISM, SufISM, ConservatISM, LiberalISM, and so on and so forth.

The nice thing about Ism goggles is that once you put a pair on, the whole world is explained. The bad thing is that often the explanations are case specific, limited, out of date, misapplied, or just plain wrong.

Ism goggles are convenient and easy to use. They save us from having to think. It’s a great shortcut.

Should you toss out your Ism goggles? It’s pretty hard to do, and for most of us not necessary. What is important is to realize you have then on. They don’t aways work, so you can’t trust them. Remember that one size does not fit all. The Ism goggles that you wear may be an uncomfortable fit on someone else -even if they are useful to you. The Ism goggles you got from your parents might not fit you any more.The ones everyone else in your neighborhood are wearing may be the local fashion, but could still be uncomfortable on you.

That last thing you want is for someone else to shove a pair over your eyes. That could hurt.

Keep in mind to take them off now and then. Prolonged use could cause brain damage.



  1. I am delighted to see a Google ad for eyeglasses right beside your entry on ISM's and vision and goggles.

    Their algo for selecting ads does not appear to recognise irony . . .

  2. Indeed. Pretty much the same thing happens when I do an anti consumerism rant. If I attack a product, that's what get advertised.

  3. Now I wear blogizm goggles. But if I were to admit it, I wear a lot of other ones, more of them than I should.

  4. I ditched the "isms" and went with Freedom. The isms don't like it too much, but that's their personal problem : )

  5. ..ism goggles...I see people wearing them all the time..just the other day a friend refused our freshly laid eggs from freerange chicken at our place because they were not inspected...if the governement regulatory agency has not approved it then it must be unsafe!..I need to get me a pair of them..would help me sleep at night knnowing government is looking out for my best interests!