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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bonus days

For this time of year, near 80 degree temperatures are rare indeed. After nearly a week of cold and rain, it’s especially welcome.

There is a bit of dilemma: do I get my outside work done, or do I enjoy absolutely wonderful weather playing in the sun.

Today I sort of split the difference. I did run into town to the hardware store and stocked up on the materials I needed. As for outside work, I decided to mount some folding cup holders on the boat. Of course, then my lovely wife and I just had to test them out by sailing around the lake for a few hours.

The good weather is supposed to hold until Wednesday, so I’m going to be pretty busy until then. There’s some painting and varnishing that absolutely must get done during good weather. Of course, I could take the boat out for a short sail between coats.

Life is supposed to be all about balance, right?



  1. Balance, yes. All work and no play makes us dull boys : )

  2. Glad you're getting some enjoyable weather there!

    Yes indeed! Life is best when balance is there! Play time is good time, especially when we are still young enough at heart to enjoy it!

  3. My vote goes to playing in the sun.

  4. You aways need to take time to play.

  5. The fine weather is holding. Nothing like being in a T-shirt and shorts while looking at the changing leaves on the mountain side.