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Monday, October 31, 2011

Slight Delay

As you can see, there will be a slight delay on the painting project. I’m willing to work under some trying conditions, but even I have a limit.

It sure is pretty though. The second shot is off my deck looking towards the lake. With all the snow weighing down the branches, it’s almost impossible to see any of the lake. Normally this time of year I have a nice view of the water.

We only received about 3 inches from this storm. Some parts of the state got over 2 feet. Something like 3 million people lost grid power in this storm. We weren’t one of them. The solar electric system’s batteries were fully charged. Firewood had been brought in the house for the kitchen stove. It wasn’t necessary after all, but sure felt good to be prepared.

The last few years, there’s been a pattern where many storms stay south of the White Mountains. They used to all come here to the far north. The only reason we end up with more snow at the end of the winter is our colder climate. What precipitation we get in the winter tends to be in the form of snow, and it sticks around longer.

Milder daytime temperatures are predicted for the next few days. If all goes well, I should get a chance to do more painting.



  1. I also dodge the 'snow bullet'. Friends living a little farther north-west of me lost power for 18 hours. I was prepared with wood in the house and coffee already ground. I worked with a guy that always said the DATE of the first snow fall is how many you will have for the winter. 1 down, 28 to go.

  2. Sure is pretty, but I'm glad I don't live up there anymore.

  3. yuck..not your photos..all that nasty white is almost as depresssing as all of the christmas stuff in the retail chains windows today..isn't October too early for Christmas?

  4. When I lived up north, I always loved the snow. Moon light walks in the woods with the snow crackling under foot; mucic to my ears. Snow was the only thing I liked about winter, except for hunting, a warm fireplace, and good frinds to share it with.

  5. Snow in moonlight is absolutely magical. I think it's pretty in the trees. Once the leaves fall out, it's grim looking and the snow makes it pretty again.

    That being said, I'm trying to paint here.

    A couple months of snow will be plenty for me. Come January, god willing, I'm southward bound.

  6. Better at your place than here, buddy!

    I'll take Texas weather (cool 60) over the snow anytime!

    Pretty in the pictures, though! I do hope it warms up enough for you to paint some more!

  7. January Hell, I'd be gone already !

  8. I don't mind two months of winter. 6 months is a bit much. This year we are spending holidays with the kids. Might convince the wife to head out before New Years though.

  9. Hey Six,
    Why don't you just give up on the painting and drive down to see your Dad. When you come through my town you can park on my 35 foot pad and finish painting here (without the snow)?