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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Even STEM workers

There's a lot of blather going on how young people should get degrees in STEM fields. The future is supposed to be all about science and engineering.

Well . . . I got to spend a good part of the day with an engineer friend of mine. The company he works for just had some amazing years. Now things are a bit slower, but they really aren't hurting. All their engineers have been reduced to 25 hour works. You'll note that's well below the number of hours required to provide benefits.

As for my friend? He's working full time, but he's actually a private contractor and not part of the benefit system.

Even in the STEM fields companies are treating their workers poorly.

My buddy has also seen people's retirements greatly reduced just before retirement age -if they get a retirement package at all.

To me, that says a young person should probably think twice about going heavily in debt to enter a STEM field. They may discover they have to pay their loan back with part time work. Also, the idea of working for 40 years to get a retirement is probably not going to be a reality.

Workers should be prepared to give as much loyalty as the company will give you -none at all. Don't wait until you are 65 to start live. A young person might live better by having no debt and the freedom to leave their jobs at any time. The rules out there have changed, and the sooner people catch on, the sooner they can adapt.



    for a long time benifits only paid to forty hour workers
    so many companies, even casinos have refused to pay out past 39 hours of work per week

    you are better off finding a skill or trade to make what you need than try to overwork yourself into ill health and debt...

    learn to live a minimal lifestyle and enjoy life

    and when I gave this advice several years ago, many just wanted to hang , shoot, or set afire me..

    even now times haven't change the stupids out there


    p.s. why are you discrimitory against robots?

    1. It's good advice. Times have changed, but a lot of people have yet to figure it out -or refuse to admit it to themselves. They can always point to the few exceptions.

      I've got nothing bad to say about our robot overlords.

  2. It's a comment on corporate morality for sure.

    1. Then don't even pretend to be moral "good corporate citizens" anymore.

  3. Maybe the new career advice mantra should be, "Do what you love, the money isn't coming either way."

  4. That is the field I was in. I really enjoyed math, science, engineering, and technology, and still do.

  5. They opened a STEM high school in our community over 3,500 hundred kids applied only took 1,000 and at that it is rigourous more so than any high school so some of those kids dropped out, the few who are in the program they took an inventory are from wealthy backgrounds to boot or Asian and or Korean and or Pacific Islander not white, black or Hispanic at all! How is this helping the average kid in high school to decide to work in STEM fields and they did push for female applicants and Voila most are female..but really if a young person only thinks of work in the way of money and prestige they are screwed in this country, in Canada a person gets higher education guaranteed of course your taxes in Canada are outtasight, I say go for what you enjoy work at it for the number of years you are able to most men in this country get the boot starting at 50 white, gay, straight, black, Hispanic..Marry a woman who gets a damn good job and stay at home doing what you enjoy and call it a freaking day..Unions are being extinct in the west where we live, they have no power and a pension one is never guaranteed for the pension even if one retires, just hang on for dear life. LIVE BELOW ONES MEANS, DRIVE ONE DAMN CAR IF AT ALL, LIVE IN ONE DAMN HOUSE IF AT ALL, CLING TO YOUER MATE AND YOUR ENTIRE TIME TOGETHER TRY TO SAVE EVERYDAMN DIME..we have been doing that and we are happy, simple living and enjoying human companionship with little of the quest for material items..Our only lives well has a fab job, saves like she is an 95 year old dresses like a hippy, lives simply and happy as hell..I say she has the makings and is happy in this life, she was great at math, science and took the different route, she always says if one cannot be happy with enough then enough will NEVER BE ENOUGH..happy Halloween, thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas and a wonderful New Year in 2015!!!!!!!!!! I read your blog and so admire you using the stuff you do to fuel your car and how you treat your wife and familia and how you fix your home etc..If others can learn to be as happy & content with what you and how you live what a wonderful USA we would have, ciao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!