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Friday, October 17, 2014

Medical Science

The Texas hospital Ebola screw up showed us how badly modern medicine can malfunction. Hopefully the rest of the country will take a good hard look at their infection procedures and make the necessary changes.

The medical system screwed up, and they should know better. That being said, there's an awful lot that medical science does really well.

Think of all the people you know. How many of them would have died in earlier times? Perhaps they got an infection that was easily cleared up with antibiotics. In the bad old days those simple little infections were often deadly.

How about those who've had surgeries? Appendix burst? Cardiac bypass? How about all those who've been in bad accidents and were saved with good EMS care and advanced medical treatment? Doctors are pretty at traumatic injuries.

Childbirth? Personally I think natural childbirth is wonderful -as long as there is a fully equipped and staffed hospital in spitting distance. Childbirth was a huge killer.

Vaccines. I've had some issues with vaccines. I think some are more likely to cause problems than the disease they are supposed to treat. Perhaps they give way too many vaccines at once. In spite of a few misgivings with a few current practices, in general vaccines have been a life saver. One word: Polio. At one time everybody either knew someone who had it or maybe had it themselves. We've forgotten how devastating it was. The same could be said for many other diseases now rare.

My lovely wife just got treated for a painful eye injury. In the bad old days there wasn't much that could have been done. Maybe it would have gotten better on its own, maybe not. In more recent years they developed a treatment that required antibiotic drops 4 times a day for at least 5 weeks. Now they put a clear contact lens band aid on it and it's mostly better overnight. Progress.

Some things modern medicine does really well. Other things respond just as well or better to home remedies. Know the difference. Don't forgo the gifts of medical science because those who practice it are flawed humans.



  1. Sixbear while modern medicine has made a huge difference in the last 100 years.The first 70 we had cures and vacines the last 30 we have seen treatments.If a researcher discovered a cure for cancer one nite would he be allowed to live to have breakfast?If he found a new treatment he would get published and on every news talk program in the nation.
    folk and modern medicine bothhave a place in our health care but one is cheap and scoffed at the other is expensive and has a huge industry based on it.

    1. I've home treatments that work much better than modern medicine. However, If I have a bone sticking out, get me to a modern surgery.

      There does seem to be a lot more money in treating disease than curing it.

  2. I would never go to any hospital in Texas, they were neither prepared or really gave a you know what..That fellow who died, visited a lot of shit on those nurses and medical staff, police, etc..Who does that & knows they were exposed to Ebola..the governor of Texas Rick Perry has been on the tv a lot about that whole dadblasted incidence..I mean really once they knew that fellow was with the Ebola the quarantine should have gone up and even before for all the medical plusses they surely missed the boat on the Ebola and their staff in my opinion got the shaft trying to save that fellow who died eventually..ciao!

    1. I've seen some bad TX hospitals first hand.

  3. while they perfect "the cure for anything"

    hospitals have already perfected the art of "making you pay for less service"



    1. . . . and to think I don't even have medical insurance. . .

  4. Did you see where the head of the CDC blamed the nurse for traveling on the plane? Now it's been reported that an official in his department gave her the okay.

    Right and left hands need to get on the same page.