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Friday, October 10, 2014

Things go sideways

Sometimes in life plans don't go forward or even backward, but sideways.

I had hoped to enter the Everglades Challenge this coming year. While it's likely the boat would be ready by then I just don't have the money to make it happen. Between registration fees and the extra equipment I'd have to buy, it's not feasible right now.

I just spent way more money on van repairs then I wanted to. I knew the brakes were going, but I didn't realize how bad they had gotten. I'm still not done as the van will need a wheel alignment and two new tires. Let's the say the money spent on repairs would have outfitted my little boat in high expedition style.

There is always next year. (plans go sideways) By then I'll have a lot more experience and all the bugs worked out. I'm disappointed, but realistic.



  1. The Everglades looks like an interesting event but very expensive to enter and then there's the gear you'd need to be safe and actually get there.
    You might do your own challenge... call it The Sixbears Challenge, find a few likeminded folk, select a course and just do it... even if you're the lone competitor... what fun you could have... these sponsored events are just in it for the money and you're in it for the fun...

  2. The smart man does not go way over budget doing things that can be put off. I know you must be disappointed, but like Keith said, do your own challenge. See how fast you can cross one lake, portage to another, and cross it. Then do it again and to beat your time.

    1. I'm sure I'll be doing plenty of interesting things instead. The EC has gotten a bit pricey.

  3. Replies
    1. Sometimes one has to choose between wants and needs.