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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rethinking travel plans

Just when I thought the veggie van's fuel problems were over, it died on me. The van had a good 14 miles running diesel in which to warm up the veggie. Switching it from diesel to veggie for just a moment was all it took for the van to die. Going right back to diesel normally fixes the problem. No luck this time. Eventually the battery wore down trying to start it.

Fortunately I wasn't that far from my daughter's house and she picked me up. I pulled the battery, charged it up and tried again. After consulting with my mechanic I attempted one last fix. I disconnected the fuel line from the six port valve and stuck it directly into a can of diesel. That eliminated everything from the valve all the way back to the tank. Still no joy.

Best I can figure is that either the front part of the fuel line is plugged or the fuel pump has failed again. If it is the pump I'm seriously going to reconsider taking the van south for the winter. It's one thing to break down a short tow from home. It's another thing to break down 2000 miles from home. The van has sucked up a lot of time and money and it might be time to come up with a plan B.

Our car, a beat up old economy car, isn't in any condition to make the trip south either. We were already thinking of taking it off the road the next time it was due for inspection. A guy has offered me his diesel Volkswagen New Beetle for a good price. It needs some work, but much of it I could do myself.

We had already decided to take our little 12 foot boat and trailer south, so we don't need a big tow vehicle this year.

Of course, I'm still waiting to hear from the mechanic.

Decisions, decisions.



  1. If you have to worry about even getting there, your decision shouldn't be hard to make!

  2. Sometimes decisions are made for us.

  3. I think you are in the same place I was with my terrific Ford Tioga "C" class 26 foot motor home. The only problem with it was, it just kept breaking down, (mostly when away from home) and many times the same problem. The way I finally resolved it was to suck it up, throw in the towel and get rid of it! I sleep better at night since then.

    1. Believe me, that's an option on the table. Something's going to have to change.

  4. I guess that horse and cart idea must be starting to look good...

    1. If a horse gives me too much trouble I could always eat it. :) Much tastier than diesel engines.