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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Say goodnight Internet

Just about every evening my Internet service craps out. Sometime between 9 and 11 a. m. it's back up and running. I'd call to complain, but my VOP phone service goes out at the same time and there's no cell phone signal out here in the woods.

This morning when the service came back I finally did call the company. As it turns out their whole system is going down, not just my little part of it. A major part is failing. The replacement has to come from California. It'll be at least a week before the system is fully operational again.

That's service during normal times. Imagine what would happen during any sort of major disruption. What if there was an EMP type event that fried a whole bunch of those parts? How long do you think it would take replace every system's fried pieces?

It's possible, likely even, that the part they are waiting for did not originate in California. That's probably just where it was shipped in from Asia. Most electronics are now built in places like Taiwan, China and South Korea. What would happen if there was a major disruption in shipping? Could be anything from wars to embargoes. A tsunami could knock out key ports causing delays. What if ports were closed off to prevent the spread of disease?

Modern technological life is a shaky house of cards. It doesn't take much to bring it all down. There are patches and work around for most things. That works for a bit, but then the patches break too. At some point it's not worth the effort. Our technologies are so interwoven that everything has to work for anything to work.

As for myself, I've been catching up on my reading, sitting by the wood fire.



  1. Welcome to Plan B.
    Plan B does not include technology.
    Plan B does include books and wood fires and collecting water and wood and fishing and hunting and gathering and growing our own food.
    Plan B is good people.
    Let's all be ready for Plan B...

    1. I seem to pop into Plan B land a lot lately . . .

      . . . and I feel fine.

  2. A stocked pantry, a wood fire, Hubby sitting next to me, a good book and a hot cup of fresh ground coffee - nothing better than that.

    1. That does sound comfortable, doesn't it?

  3. How could we ever live without the Internet???

    1. Just like we did before?

      I admit I miss it when it's gone.

  4. the internet has become one big mess slowly destroying itself because so much is WIFI these days

    so expect it to get even worse

    has a great insulation ( R value) against the cold


    p.s. you hate robots?

    1. Of course I have nothing bad to say about our robot overloads.

      My 'net connection have been very spotting today. Hope I can post a new blog before it dies.

  5. For those of us who know how to live without, we'll be okay. Just think of all the people living in the big cities.

    1. There is some thought that cities will last longer than the country as they have the political power and resources to get what they need from the country. Just look at what's happening around the world as people leave the country for the city.

      Of course, when cities can no longer enforce their will, they get ugly quickly.