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Friday, January 12, 2018

Camp Coffee

This is how I roasted coffee at the campground. The grill came with the campsite. The cast iron dutch oven sits on top. A white gas camp stove provides the heat.

Heat up the dutch oven. Add beans. Check every few minutes to observe the beans and to stir them with a big spoon. When roasted enough I dump them into a clean frying pan to cool. Fan the beans a bit to blow the chaff a way, let them cool and they are good to go. Flavor is enhanced if they have a chance to rest for 12 hours or so, but they will still make decent coffee right after roasting.



  1. Rasta ZUZUs Porridge:1 big can of yams,1 normal size can of sweet corn,1 celery in slices. Put in a pot, mash up the yams, simmer till it reduces & put in the celery. Add a generous amount of tabasco.

  2. At first I missed the words "coffee" and thought they were BEANS, until I got to the "wait 12 hours" part. lol Stupid question: how do you make the coffee? Do you smash the beans? Use them whole?

    1. I buy what is called "green" coffee beans. They are sort greenish in color, and are unroasted. Unroasted coffee keeps for a long long time. After roasting them, they are like whole beans you'd buy in the store. I grind them with a hand grinder.

    2. Whew. I'm glad you answered because I was going to re-roast my store bought coffee beans. That would have been NASTY.

    3. That would have been expensive charcoal. :)