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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Reports from the food front

First another dehydrated food report. Wise Company, teriyaki rice. It has a sticky sweet sauce, carrots and bell peppers, plus other spices. Tastes a bit sweet for me, but not overpowering. So far we've found these meals to be filling, even though they are vegetarian. However, today I picked up some small cans of chicken to add to future dishes. I just miss meat.

A lot of days we've been eating just two meals. Once the sun comes out and things warm up, we have a late breakfast. In the middle of the afternoon we'll have dinner. Sometimes in the evening we'll have a snack, but often not.

My lovely wife and I went into town to pick up some groceries. My aunt and uncle are coming over for a visit. We decided to have more traditional cook out food than to open up more bags of dehydrated survival rations.

We have a couple more days of cool weather before it warms up on the weekend. Can't wait to go back to shorts. One should not have to wear long pants in Florida. Even so, I'm not shoveling so life is good.

I miss my friends and family back home. That's a good thing. Nice to have a solid community of people who will be there when we return.



  1. My wife and daughter often share a pot of homemade soup they cook up after school. Its good they have similar appetites, saves a lot of headaches for me to guess what they want to eat.

    Those canned meats come in handy, I purchase them from Wal-Mart and Dollar store. A packet of mayonaisse and ready for sandwiches. Inserted into pot with pasta or ramen, adds some taste to the dish. Handy stuff to have, no two ways about it.

    1. I have all the fixings for a good soup. Sounds good.

  2. Good to know that the dry food is tasty. May have to invest in some.

  3. It got up to eighty yesterday and the day before, down here.
    Man o man is it cold today though. Mmmy wwife lllooked lllike an Eskimo this morning when she went to work lol. She works at the local zoo outdoors all day.
    You'd think no one would visit the place on days like this ! Yet, we forget all he Yankee tourists.
    Sure can tell the Yankees from locals.
    T-shirts and shorts vs. Hoodies and sweat pants on the locals ha ha...
    Myself...unless it gets above 70, this boy don't venture outside. Every damn fracture and titanium part in my body is aching !

    1. Nothing like the cold to bring out old injuries. Well, warmer days are coming.