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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Swimming Weather

The temperature finally got warm enough for swimming. While the spring stays a constant 72 degrees, it's nice to come out to warm air. Alexander springs is amazing. Lots of fish let you swim right up to them. The spring itself is awesome. There's a large sandy bottom area, some weeds around the boil itself, then a fairly deep hole where the water comes up. The water is clear and visibility is excellent.

After over two weeks of being completely on solar electric power, my batteries are getting low. Now that the temperature has warmed up, the electric cooler has been running more. It's a power hog. We'll be heading down the road on Wednesday so should be able to get by until then.

Wednesday we plan on stopping in on people we know. Not sure exactly where we'll spend the night, but we can always dry camp in a parking lot somewhere if we have to. After that it's down to a private campground in Key Largo. We'll have electric power there, so I can charge up all the batteries and run my electronics.

A guy we met at the campground has a boat we might be interested in. The boat is up north, so we would not pick it up until spring. He's bringing over some photos of it so we can check it out better. The guy would love to sell it to someone who's going to enjoy it and he seems motivated.

Also checked out another Wise dehydrated food package. This one was potatoes in a cream sauce with peppers, carrots and spices. I've got a pretty good general idea of what they are like. None of them have real meat and many use soy products instead. That can be a deal breaker for some people. A lot of the meals rely heavily on cheese sauces. They are tasty sauces, but get boring day after day. Many of the meals are similar enough that they could lead to flavor fatigue after a week or so. All in all, I find the quality good and the price reasonable. We'll be getting into the Mountain House meals soon.



  1. Maybe some fresh salsa or hot sauce can perk up the flavoring of those cheese sauces ? Bacon for me also adds quite a bit of flavor. Bacon Bits, allowed to soak in very small amount of water a minute or so and then added into sauce really helps.

    Hope the boat deal works out for you.

    1. The boat deal is a long shot. It was just neat to talk small boats with someone and look at his boating photos.

      Good suggestions for adding flavor.

  2. I do miss swimming. Will be on Sanibel in April with my sister and should be able to get enough swimming in then.