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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Back to sailing

I’m back to dealing with stuff closer to home.

The sailboat has finally been launched. That was interesting. Lots of delays. The fist time consuming thing was getting the receiver hitch set up. Thanks to WD-40, a hammer and an ax I was able to pound it into place. That hitch will stay in place for the foreseeable future.

Due to the repairs and upgrades I did on the sailboat, it was a lot more disassembled than normal. Sorting out the rigging and all the hardware was a chore. The sails had been stripped off so they had to be bent on again. Eventually all the standing rigging and running rigging was sorted out. Normally my lovely wife helps me set up and launch the boat, but I did it by myself this time.

This was the first time towing with the Blazer. It seems to tow the boat just fine. Backing down the boat ramp felt weird with a different vehicle, but it didn’t go too badly.

After a very short sail I headed to my beach to pick up my lovely wife. She then took over the tiller and I pretty much became a passenger after that. No matter. I’ve got a spouse who’s willing to go sailing so it’s all good.

The boat is going to need a few more things. My lovely wife is still working on new cushion covers. The bottom needs new paint, but since it’s not going in salt water the rest of the month, it can wait.

Right now it feels good to know I can physically handle the sailboat again.



  1. Got to feel good to get your feet wet again (so to speak!) :-)

    1. It sure is. Nice to no longer have open wounds that I have to keep dry. :)