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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Knocking off the projects

I started out the day figuring out my boat trailer lights. They weren’t working when I launched the sailboat. Since the boat ramp is really close to my house, I took a chance and drove it over anyway. Before taking the boat any distance that had to be fixed. Fortunately it just an issue with the trailer plug. A little clean up, some careful trimming with a knife and it was good to go.

The afternoon project involved my pole saw and my small battery powered chainsaw. Some trees came down in my trail to the lake and had to be cut up. Then there was a large tree branch hanging out over the water. In the past my sailboat drifted to it and the mast and rigging got tangled up. My polesaw was just barely long enough to trim the branches. Working overhead like that can be exhausting.

I did a few little boat projects, but then ran into a major issue. The wind had kicked up and it was perfect for lively sailing. Just as I was about to take the boat out, my lovely wife came down the trail and joined me. It’s like she could sense the boat was going to leave the beach. Enough progress had been made on the projects. There’s no sense living on a lake if you don’t take advantage of it.

We had enough wind to allow us to push the boat a bit. There were a lot of pontoon boats, bow riders, and kayakers on the water. Technically a boat under sail has the right of way, but in reality one has to keep their head up, especially when sailing close to hull speed.

A family of three loons seems to like our sailboat. They always come over and visit. We also had a couple of osprey diving for fish right near us.

By the time we put the boat away we were pretty beat. It was all I could do to struggle back up the hill to the house and to cook a late dinner. All and all, a productive and fun day.



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    1. I was tuckered out by the end of a long day, but it was a good tired.

  2. Nice! I did a little sailing while growing up an wanted to learn an do more but ended up following my passion to work with horses and I'm a land lubber now... Still dream of sailing the ICW someday.... I enjoy following your adventure.