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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Maine coastal vacation

My lovely wife and I just got back from a camping trip to the coast of Maine. We caught up with some of our kids and grandkids. Good times.

Temperatures were in the 90s with high humidity. Our tent was pitched right off the bay so we got some sea breeze in the evening. That made all the difference. There was no rain at all. One hot night we took the fly right off the tent. It was magical being able to fall asleep looking up at the sky.

I did a lot of walking. Good thing I’ve been working on my endurance since recovering from my leg infection.

It was also a test of the old Blazer. When I bought it I was strictly focused on finding a vehicle that could tow a boat. Things like air conditioning weren’t even on the radar. However, with the high temperatures and humidity, it was a blessing that the AC worked perfectly.

While on vacation I never went on-line and didn’t check the news. Now that I’m back I see the world is crazier than every. It was good to take a break from all that. More later.



  1. The news is enough to make you want to go camping again, no doubt. - lol

  2. Be careful with that leg of yours. It may feel good but a few more months of being thoughtful of it may be needed for a complete recovery!

    1. I expect to be careful with my legs for the rest of my life. I'm taking a rest day today and that's a good thing.