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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Power of the Mind

We like to talk about being prepared for emergencies. Usually the discussions revolve around things like food, shelter, water and security. After all, those are necessary for survival.

All of them pale in comparison to the power of the mind. Our mental abilities and attitudes make all the difference.

I see it all the time here in the mountains. People go hiking, get into trouble and respond in two different ways. Some people panic. Things on the hike go wrong: they get lost, gear fails, or they have an injury. It could be anything or nothing at all. Some people just freak out being in the woods. These people have to be rescued. Sometimes they die on the mountain.

Other hikers encounter the same problems but deal differently with them. When things don’t go as planned, they make a new plan. Most of these people hike out on their own and their troubles don’t make the news. Even if they have a major injury and have to be rescued, they do things that make their rescue more likely.

Every year there are are sailors rescued from perfectly sound boats. They may be experienced some bad weather or mechanical problems. Sometimes there’s nothing major wrong at all, but they mentally can’t handle being on a boat in the ocean.

Some people weather bad storms and find themselves hundreds of miles off course, They make any necessary repairs and sail to their destination like nothing happened. Sometimes they have major issues like being dismasted, yet jury rig something and keep on moving.

Normal life experiences challenge the mind. We see people who fall apart because they lose their job, get divorced, or have a health issue. Their lives are broken and they turn to alcohol and drugs. Other people deal with the same issues with a different attitude. If you met them on the street, not knowing what they were going through, you’d never guess they had problems.

That’s not to say those who cope well don’t suffer. They do and they have doubts and black days like everyone else. The difference is that they act or endure so they come out better on the other side.



  1. Your blog on mental attitude is spot on! Without the mind being behind the body, all is lost!

  2. Well put. I've been through a fair bit and it's always the power of the mind that keeps me going.
    Mental strength underpins all other resilience.