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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Wrong Skills

Marsha Sinetar wrote a book, Do What You Love and the Money will Follow. Nope. It won’t. Oh there are plenty of examples of people in the book who’ve found their right livelihood. Good for them. It won’t work for everyone.

We live in a weird world. It’s strange what makes some people successful and others not. The world we are living in now rewards certain behaviors, attitudes and skills. Other skills are not so important. However, in other places and times, those less valued skills could have been highly valued. In our world those talents and skills need to be monetized. The ability to turn a passion into a paying gig is whole ‘nother skill set.

Real world example. For most of my life I loved going on wilderness canoe trips. As much as I loved those trips, they never made me a dime. A friend of mine also liked paddling. He turned his love into a company that guided people on paddling trips. Good for him.

I took a lot of people on my trips, but never made money. Of course, those people were friends. They were people I actually wanted to be around. I guess that makes me a terrible businessman. However, it does make me a pretty good friend. Being a pretty good friend doesn’t make you a lot of money.

My lack of business skills used to bother me a bit. I’m an intelligent person with various skills. People less smart and with fewer skills have made fortunes. Then again, it’s been proven that a fairly high percentage of CEOs are psychopaths. We live in a world where some of the worse among us can rise to the top. I don’t feel bad about not making a ton of money in a society that rewards terrible people.

Of course, there are plenty of good and decent people who rise to the top. Their abilities happen to fit that narrow band of skills that society rewards well with money. Good for them. They may even love what they do -even better for them.

You might be rewarded for doing the things you love, but it won’t necessarily be with money.



  1. Too many times, the folks at the top got there by standing on the shoulders of those more qualified. I would rather be true to myself and be a friend, than be rich and at the top.

    Bet I'll sleep better also.

    1. There is something to be said for sleeping the sleep of the just.

  2. I've often wondered , how many inventions , new discoveries are shelved and forgotten... because of the fat cat psychopaths which steal the accomplishments of others working for them.
    Personally , I gave up long ago after making several rich with my innovations. I've never really strived to be rich , though despise those whom prey on the minds and works of others genius, in order to enrichen themselves. Our system seems to reward the leaches of society.
    Folks don't understand , after I've made some unique dodad for myself...why I refuse to share sometimes.
    The tRumps of this world do not appreciate how they became rich and famous. In their own minds believing themselves "stable geniuses" when in fact are psychopathic morons too stupid to realize their ignorance. Only bolstered up by being born into a wealthy family.
    You are right Six Bears, you must also have that need to be greedy not just enjoy what you do.

    1. I've an engineer friend who's had similar experiences to you. Might be an industry standard practice. :(

      There are problems out there that have already been solved but for various reasons have not been put into practice. Sometimes it's because a company can make more money managing a problem than solving it.

  3. My mothers only sibling died at nearly 100 years old, she love money..I got a phone call from a sibling who was an asshole to me my whole life to tell me what she left him..I listened and listened finally I said listen I don't care one iota, I have a hubby of 45 years and a daughter nearly 42 who I love and adore and love and adore me, all the money you have guested for will never love you..don't call me ever again, he could not talk and there was a big silence..I felt good to tell him what I really thought of him..He quested after money and homes his whole life a reall piece of work, into drugs at one time and sobered up taught college and got his pension, but what a yahooooo...he tracked me down somehow to brag about his things, well I told him to shove his things and money..people who live like that in my opinion are the scum of our society, give me someone like you say you are and I will tell you that you have really live and know how to live and love and really enjoy the terra firma..Money is not everything..just call me a follower of the song by cat stevens Peace Train..ciao~!!!!!!!

    1. Love that song. :)

      You have a good point. Someone can love money, but money will never love them back.

      Thanks for coming by and your insightful comment.