Tuesday, March 23, 2010


If you're 18, you are an adult. At 18 you can join the military. You are expected to have the responsibility of life and death. You can vote, for what it's worth. You can marry without parental permission.

When I was 18, I was driving firetrucks as a full time professional Firefighter. I was entering burning buildings, hazardous factory fires, and rescuing people in danger.

When my own children turned 18, I considered them adults.

At 18 expect people to have complete adult freedom. However, I also hold them to complete responsibility.

One of the things that annoys me so much about modern life is the prolonged adolescence of young adults. I see thirty year old men who still cling to their mommy's apron strings. That doesn't mean to disrespect your parents. It does mean you should be able to stand on your own two feet.

Part of the problem is the prolonged schooling required for so many professions. Many people only enter the real world in their mid 20's, or even into their 30's. Academic life can be fun and interesting, but it is isolating. Most professors become seriously detached from the realities of the wider world. You get a very slanted view of life. If you want to expand your world view, try and have your morning coffee with the janitors. Get to know the secretaries.

There hasn't been a lot of meaningful work for young adults to do. I don't mean just jobs, I mean responsibilities in general.

The time is coming when young adults will have to be adults again. There's too much to do that will require both energy and responsibility.



  1. When I was a teen in the 70's, we all got jobs and moved out as soon as we could. I was 100% on my own by the time I was 17, and went into the military when I was 18. Everyone today just wants to have a good time and spend, spend, spend. But at the same time, they blame the older generations for wasting all the money and taking the economy into the toilet. Heck, the older generations are mostly spending money on their spoiled kids.

  2. I've had all those jobs. I've been military bound. I still drink coffee with the janitors because I find them more interesting, and by the by, better educated. I'm a teacher.
    Experiance is the best class room.