Sunday, March 21, 2010

Energy changes everything

For as long as I can remember there's been rumors of "magic" energy devices. Often they involve something to do with magnets, pyramids, orgone energy or some version of cold fusion, but usually it's some secret process the government is trying to suppress.

Now I know for a fact that science doesn't have all the answers. I've been personally involved in a thing or two not easily explained by known physics. Unfortunately, they had nothing to do with over unity devices. (things that produce more energy than it takes to run) My mind is just open enough to believe in the possibility of over unity devices being possible. It could really exist in a garage, basement or secret government lab somewhere.

Should such devices ever come to light, eventually everyone would at least pretend to understand them. It'd be like when you know how an amazing feat of stage magic is done. It's not so amazing. Clever maybe, but pretty hum drum after you know the trick. It would be the discovery of atomic energy, not magic, but part of physics previously undiscovered.

Free energy would change all the equations. Given enough energy, almost anything is possible. Not enough food? No problem, you've got all the heat and light needed for any number of green houses. Nearly infinite energy? Maybe you can synthesize food and everything else you need. There's no telling what could be done with free energy.

If the devices were cheap and widely dispersed, individuals could be as independent as they want. Hows that for a danger to the powers that be? If people's energy needs could be easily satisfied, many other needs would soon follow. We wouldn't need oil. There'd be no reason to fight wars for resources. The need for most of government and most corporations would certainly lessen. There is certainly incentive for these things to be covered up.

Sounds fantastic, I know. It would be nice to have such a Science Fiction device. I'm not planning on one coming to light any time soon. Here's the weird thing though, plenty of people are acting like science will pull the magic energy rabbit out of a hat. When the oil gets too expensive, or the remaining coal too deep, they'll be a technological fix that'll make the problems go away. We can all continue doing what we are doing without worry. "They" will find solutions.

Now I hope there will be a simple easy energy fix. It would certainly make my life easier. In the mean time, I'm trying to get by on a bit of energy from the sun, sustainably harvested firewood, waste vegetable oil, and as little fossil fuel as possible. Just in case the magic energy doesn't grant us our wishes, it's good to have a back up plan. I don't trust that "They" will find a solution.

If I'm wrong, I look a bit silly for my solar and firewood hobbies. I'm comfortable with that. If those who tell me not to worry are wrong, they get to freeze in the dark. Are they comfortable with that? Their actions, or to be precise, inactions, seem to indicate as much.



  1. Ha,Bro you are so right I would rather look silly and be prepared than to count on them saving us.For some reason most of US are not on the GUBBERMINTS list to save.Back to work on my solar overunity flux drive varible warp speed genarator.


  2. Good luck with the SOFDVWSG! Of course, I'm not counting on it. It'd be cool though.

  3. We've known folk that have gone missing for such thoughts.