Monday, March 29, 2010

Some weird thoughts about security cameras

Does anyone know of an actual real life situation where surveillance cameras prevented a crime? From personal experience? I can't think of any.

Does anyone else look at all those phony security cameras in catalogs? They look just like the real deal. They usually have an LED to indicate they are "on" and may even swivel. Ever wonder how many cameras you see out in the real world are phony? Is it all a conditioning exercise?

Imagine your average guy working the security desk. He's got a bank of monitors to look at. Anyone else think he's just checking out hot chicks?

Britain has more security cameras that anyone else. Has it done them any good?

I knew a dispatcher for a small town police department. This place has like 10,000 people, yet has security cameras monitoring parts of downtown. One of the dispatchers' jobs is to monitor the cameras. It freaks them out as they occasionally see ghosts.

Alleged Israeli agents killed a man in Dubai. Close analysis of the video feeds showed the man did not die of natural causes. He was killed by a huge hit team. Great, crime solved. The guy is still dead and everyone involved left the country before the cops figured it out. This is considered a huge police success story.

Why does Walmart have as many cameras as casino?

Are cameras used more often to prevent crime or to stifle freedom?

Just some random thoughts.



  1. ya know, I haven't seen any cameras attached to tree trunks yet. A good reason to stay in the woods, what do you think?

  2. Sorry John. The Forest Service puts cameras in the woods. For example, they had one set up in the White Mountains -to look for illegal loggers, so they said.

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