Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dipping into the food stores

I've been dipping into the food stores over the last year. It's not the only thing we are eating, but it stretches the food budget. About half the bread I make is from stored wheat berries. Used up some rice, a bit of oatmeal, kidney beans, navy beans, split and whole peas. Staples.

Also eating a fair amount of bartered food: eggs, maple syrup, moose, deer, and some pickles and relish.

A bit of food storage is good to have. It eases the family over little financial bumps like we've been going through. I can dip in the food stores and use what money I have to take care of a few bills. When unexpected guests arrive, there's something good to feed them. It doesn't have to fancy. Good warm hearty home cooked food is always welcome.

Stored food is a good insurance policy. It's easy enough to buy a bit extra when shopping. Over the months that adds up. Add some grains and beans to the mix and you've got decent depth to the larder. Spices go a long way toward adding variety to basic ingredients. Get used to cooking and eating from the stored foods. It won't be a shock to the system. You'll know what to do with it.

During the Y2K scare, a neighbor stocked up on beans and rice. After the non-event, it occurred to him that he didn't eat beans or rice, nor did he know how to cook them. He gave them to us. We eat those things so it was great to have free food. He did keep his 10,000 rounds of .223.

Some people think food storage is just for those end of the world events. In the real world, it's for things like I'm going through now. My wife hasn't worked in over a year and the budget is tighter than normal. It's no big deal. We won't miss any meals.


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