Friday, April 16, 2010

Walk softly and carry a big stick

My lovely wife asked if I was going to bring my staff along on our trip. I assured her I was. She was happy to hear that. You see, it's more than just a walking stick. It's a weapon.

I spent a few years studying staff fighting. I'd rather have my staff in my hand than a knife. While I studied a bit of knife work, it's not really my thing. Knife fighters get cut a lot. It's just as easy for me to carry a handgun than a knife.

Of course, on the road, there's some places where I can't bring a handgun. While I can legally carry a concealed handgun in New Hampshire, Massachusetts would toss my sorry butt in jail for a year.

My old shotgun, however, is sort of legal in most places. Nobody likes to mess with a shotgun. Still, sometimes I just need to teach a lesson. The lesson taught by a shotgun isn't one the student will benefit from. However, the bruises and broken bones caused by a staff will give a guy something to remember me by.

I've used a staff for defense in the past, but only against dogs. Let me tell you, dogs know a big stick is trouble.

The staff is also handy for two legged dogs, should the need arise.

It's a cool fighting method to learn. Sticks are cheap. I'm using my walking stick as a weapon, but I've seen a kayak paddle make a good fighting staff. Pipe works. Hockey sticks are deadly. In fact, many things made serviceable fighting staffs. When you acquire the skill, weapons are everywhere.


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