Thursday, April 8, 2010


My lovely wife and I were having lunch at one of our favorite spots. Business was slow, so we were chatting with the owners and the few other customers. Turns out the couple at the next table were from our little town. I'd seen them around. They looked familiar, but we'd never gotten to know them.

We mentioned the area of town we lived in. The guy asked how we made out with all the burglaries that swept through our area. Nothing was taken from our place, but other places down the road were cleaned out. They even hauled off a 1200 pound generator. He happened to be called up to jury duty for the guys who were eventually caught.

It was a group of young men. They targeted camps and vacation homes. (Something to think about when you plan bug out locations.) One remote camp they cleaned out completely, then left the doors open so everything froze up. The owner repaired and refurnished the place, then the gang did it all over again.

Eventually they were caught because they stole an unusual car part used in racing. The guy who bought it from them displayed it in the window of his store. A local State Trooper saw the part and recognized it for what it was. He was able to unravel the case from there. In the end, the guys went to prison for 5 years.

I suspect my place wasn't targeted as we live here full time. There's cars in the driveway, the walks are shoveled, and there are signs of life. Easier targets were just down the road.

Here's the weird thing, even though there were burglaries near me, I still rarely lock the house. The guy who was on jury duty doesn't lock his house, plus leaves his car keys in the vehicle. One would think that we'd learn.

There is one small thing to consider. I carry a concealed handgun more often than I lock my door.



  1. If you lock the door, that just requires them to break a window. You can't lock people out if they want in bad enough.

  2. Locks don't impress me much. Dad always said they were only to keep honest people honest.

  3. WE live in a remote fish camp area and it used to be that the beginning and end of the seasons were when thieves went to work. Nowdays most people live here full time cause it's so cheap to do. Thievry seems to have cooled down a little, in that regard anyway.