Thursday, July 15, 2010

Darn mice

For years we had cats and mice weren't much of a problem. Haven't had cats in a few years now. The old cats passed on. The kids moved out. My wife and I were doing a lot of traveling. A cat just didn't fit our lifestyle.

Now I've had to deal with the occasional mouse invasion. I don't like to use poisons, even though they are effective. So it's traps. Tried one of those wind up, no bait, no kill traps. They work. There's a hole though the center of the trap. With the trap placed against a wall, they'd go through the hole. Once in, the mouse trips a pressure plate. The little bugger is scooped into a holding area and the trap reset. Problem is, eventually the trap would get dirty and was a pain to clean. Mice are incontinent poop machines. Occasionally one would not survive the scooping action and the mess inside the trap would be ugly.

I'm not so nice and friendly now. It's down to snap traps that kill the little beasts. Keeping a single trap in the basement at all times would nip invasions in the bud. The darn trap broke and I hadn't noticed -not until the invasion was well under way.

Today I mentioned to my wife that I was thinking I'd better spend a little money and get more traps.

She said, "Well it's that, or we'd better start naming them."

It's a killing field down there in the basement -enough traps to go around. Should have them cleaned out in a day or two.

Never had them get into my bulk storage, but it's one of my horror thoughts. Mice are serious business. Got traps?



  1. Better than the rats that infested our feed storage room at work! Fortunately the rat population has been significantly reduced by the... ummmmm.... "kitty" (mountain lion cub) that's been hanging around, as well as the fox, and a few coyotes for good measure. On the flip side, the cottontails have been getting mighty scarce, and the feral hogs have all but vanished. Guess Mama "kitty" is eating well too! Some nice fat rattlesnakes, hognose snakes, and indigos around too...

  2. I hate rats. Glad not to have any.

    We make sure no one messes with the local snakes. We've got some big garter snakes here, that help keep the mice in check. No poisonous snakes around here.