Saturday, July 3, 2010

How the news travels

News still travels the old fashioned way out here in the country. Today I headed over to the local Forest Service agent for my annual fire permit. The local agent is an older lady who owns a nearby farm.

It would be rude to just get the permit and leave. Since it's a small town, she remembered me. We talked about cast iron cookware and discussed different ways of baking bread. The preliminary chit chat out of the way, she asked if I went to the new farmer's market.

I had, so she had lots of questions about the different products offered. No doubt I wasn't the first person to get grilled about the market. Her questions were in depth and detailed. Her farm wasn't represented in the last market, but I'd be surprised if she's not represented later on in the summer. She certainly knew all the other farms that participated and was well aware that most had sold out.

My day's travels also took me to the post office and the local store. Plenty of chit chat in those places too.

Some things the Internet hasn't replaced. I call it "Meat Space," where flesh and blood people get together.


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