Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Doom on vacation

Now I know the world in general is in serious do do. Storms are coming. The economy's false recovery hasn't done Jack -because it's false, duh. Sabers are being rattled all over the world. The Gulf of Mexico is floating on a big pool of oil. (That's what BP stands for, Big Pool.)

Yes, yes yes, I could make a big list and still not list them all.

Not going to do that.

My wife got some good news from the doctor. In short, she doesn't have the terrible disease that earlier tests indicated she might have. Big relief here. All my problems that concern things and stuff don't really matter.

To top it off, right now, the weather's been so darn nice that I can't help but smile. Took a canoe out on the lake and soaked in the sun.

One of the life lessons I've learned is to be thankful and grateful for the good times.



  1. Wonderful news about the Mrs!Think you're right don't ignore the bad stuff,but put it in its place and enjoy and be thankful for we have!


  2. Glad the Mrs. is ok! And given my "sea deprivation", a canoe on a lake is sounding mighty nice about now...

  3. Good place to watch the eagles, osprey, loons, and kingfishers. It's not a big lake, but there's piece of mind to be found there.