Monday, May 16, 2011

Not worried about the Financial Markets

Anyone else not worried about the national debt? The stock market? Foreign trade deficit? Derivatives? The housing market? The Federal Reserve? All that financial stuff?

Why worry about something you have no control over?

It occurred to me that things are so out of whack that someone, somewhere will be left holding the bag. Most of the people holding all that debt will never get paid. At some point, it becomes impossible. Oh sure, everyone can get "paid" if the money goes Zimbabwe and inflates at crazy rates. They might get the number of dollars they are owed, but they certainly won't get anything of value.

Things could deflate like crazy and in the end, no one has any money to buy anything, so again, it doesn't much matter.

I'm not worried about it, but that doesn't mean I'm wishing for it to happen. A lot of people will suffer when their savings are wiped out and their paper worth disappears. Then again, that's happened to a lot of people already.

Eventually, a sound currency will come about once more. If we want to live at anything above the tribal level, it has to. The advocates of gold and other precious metals as a currency basis might get disappointed. You can't eat gold, it doesn't keep you warm at night, and it's worth something because everyone agrees it's worth something. What if we all agree on something else?

At any rate, there's not a lot I can do about the financial mess, except figure out how to live when it all goes away.



  1. Live Simply
    That others,
    Might Simply Live.

    I have been preaching that principle for 30yrs.

  2. exchange in highway toll tokens, slot machine slugs, or forign currency could replace official us counterfiet.

    meanwhile they drive themselves insane over percent of a cent and what hyped prices for gold

    have other things to do so am ignoring it all. if it falls and vanishes, so what!!!!


  3. Local and maybe regional economies will continue. Instead of gold, put aside things that you use daily in your particular vocation, or useful things that you can trade for other stuff you need later.

    Silver has some useful industrial and medical applications, and will always be useful after the reset. Copper is even more useful and easier to come by at present.

    Acquire the knowledge and skills now, and you'll not only be helpful during the reset, but also during the American Renaissance that follows.

    Or at the very least if nothing happens you're skill-set will keep you in groceries and toys.


  4. I'm leveraged in tuna fish and .22 shells

  5. I only worry about it because it's burying me alive. Stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place...

  6. Until the US Congress can be held accountable with jail time for what they have done and are doing to our country, nothing will change. The self-destruction of the USA will, sad to say, continue until the lights go out.

  7. None of the wall street guys have gone to jail either.

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  9. I totally agree Sixbears.

    The only thing we can do is live simply; be well supplied on essentials and ignore the maddening rush to the edge led by crooks.