Saturday, May 7, 2011

Walking the dog and neighbors

Our town technically has a leash law, not that we pay attention to it all the time. Still, I do walk the pooch a lot. It's good training for the dog, good exercise for me, and it's a chance to see what's going on around the lake.

We meet other people out walking. It's good to catch up with the neighbors. Like it our not, they are the other people in my lifeboat. When disaster strikes, those are the people around me. It's best to know them.

There are new people moving to the lake. Summer cottages and year round homes used to change hands a glacial pace. When they did change, usually the property went to a descendant or other relative. Those days are over. Property is being listed and sold on the open market. Anyone with the bucks can move it. That's fine. I'm all for the freedom for people to live where they want to. It just takes a bit more effort to get to know them.

A couple years ago, some real jerks moved in across the lake. They put in a water skiing boat that was way too big for the lake and ran it all hours of the day and night. Traditionally, the early morning hours were left to the fishermen. The play boats would come out a bit later. The new people didn't care about the fishermen. They paid for their boat and cottage and were going to use the boat when they wanted. Sure, it was legal to do so, but darn rude. Some people don't care about others. That was but one example in a long list of "don't give a darn about anybody else." Their place burned to the ground. I was actually surprised to learn it was because one of their kids was smoking in the attached shed. Had their immediate neighbors did it, it would not have surprised me. They shed no tears.

The dog also seems to be a pretty good judge of character. She really doesn't much care for the guy who lives down the road. He's not the nicest guy in the world, and it's no secret. He used to be a boss in the mill, and still thinks he's a boss. However, even he makes some effort to get along with the neighbors. He most likely doesn't care that much for me either, (long haired hippy freak) but we both are cordial to each other. Things are smoother that way.

The place right next door to me has a sale pending sign. I'm going to introduce myself to them on one of my dog walks. Can't wait to see what the dog thinks of them.



  1. Yup, strange how dogs can tell...
    Good wives can too...

    Wut's wrong with old hippies ?
    Other than we can't remember the 70's lol

  2. You're so right. Dogs are a great judge of people. I've had several instances where the dog knew he/she was a jerk before I figured it out.

  3. hippies??

    a great ingredient in making "hippiehash" with gravy... yum...


  4. Wait, Uncle Al's, or Catello's? Or Bergeron's? Guess I should call you.