Friday, May 27, 2011

Storm outages

Heavy thunderstorms hit again. The grid, Internet, and my phone all went down. I just got everything back up, but have no idea if they'll stay up. Storms are still in my area. Postings might be hit or miss for a bit.

There was a huge boom that shook the house, taking the grid down. The neighbor's lights went off, and the lights when out across the lake. Those came back first. This side of the lake came back about an hour later.

We get most of our power from solar electric and the batteries had a good charge. At least we could read and listen to the radio. The main annoyance is losing the Internet, but that's not exactly the end of the world.



  1. Though without the Internet, It would be TEOTWAWKI.

    Maybe not all a bad thing....

  2. It would free up a lot of my time.

  3. it would free up a lot of time for many of us.