Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two Men in a Boat

Sound carries over water. That’s something to keep in mind as you talk to your buddy over the putt putt of a trolling motor.

My lovely wife was out on the deck the other day and could clearly heard a couple guys out in their small fishing boat. They were on vacation, staying a the small campground nearby.

The boaters were having the time of their lives. The weather has been pretty nice, sunsets have been spectacular, and time on the water is always good. Those guys could not get over how little they actually needed to have a good time. Then they speculated how good it would be to actually live at the lake. Wouldn’t that be great?

Yes, it truly is great. I’m loving it. Summers are wonderful. The crisp clear air of fall, combined with fall foliage is a real treat. Winter has a stark beauty all its own. Some people live here because they absolutely love winter. Usually they are avid skiers. Spring , after a long winter feels like a gift. New life springing out of the ground is not taken for granted.

Of course, making a living up here can be tough, but like the vacationing boaters realized, it doesn’t take much to be happy.


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  1. Nowadays, taking the time to sit back and just be is a luxury. Always trying to get something done, something needs tweaking, yada yada. Watching a sunset or sunrise, watching the day rise or fall and just listen to whats going around you without the civilized claptrap. Peace of mind.