Sunday, August 28, 2011

Well that was interesting

By the time the hurricane hit the Great North Woods of New Hampshire, it had lost much of its punch. We did get an awful lot of rain. There was some wind and tree damage, but early reports point to mostly light damage.

The Internet went down around 2:45 p. m., and the grid went down about an hour later. Both came back around 10 p. m..

When the grid when down, I switched a couple electric circuits over to my solar electric system. My lovely wife and I read books and watched a couple movies on DVD.

Around 8:30 we took the dog out for a walk, as the rain had mostly ended. A few people on our side of the lake had generators running. However, there was still lights on across the lake, so I knew the grid outage wasn’t total. The other side gets its electricity from totally different feed lines than our side of the lake, so the problem was fairly local.

The radio program was interrupted by an emergency broadcast warning of extensive flooding, including my county. We live on the side of a mountain, so as long as we don’t have to go anywhere, the flooding doesn’t bother us.

The storm probably wasn’t as bad as all the hype would have us believe. However, people did lose their lives and property was damaged.

It is a good feeling to have some preps and some alternative energy. Beats the heck out of sitting in the dark, not knowing what’s going on.



  1. Been there, done that. Next house will have either solar or a generator or both.

  2. glad it didnt affect you to much.isnt it funny once you have a solar battery back up system in place how loud a gen-set seems even when its a few houses away?I know i dont begrudge them the comfort but 2 battiers and a 20 watts maintaner pannel goes a long way.Today may be a good time to go help a friend clear a tree or to for winter fire wood.funny isnt it sixbear that you can always find someone that will let you cut a tree up and thank you but when you drag out the splitting maul and wedges they disappear!

  3. Generators do sound loud, especially when everything else is shut down.

    I've such good friends that not only do they show up for the dragging and splitting, they arrive with a 10 hp wood splitter.

  4. have alternatives to fall back on is a real pleasure to tap..

    let others cry in misery in the dark..