Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Left on my own

For weeks we've been on hold, waiting for my daughter to give birth to her son. Now that the little bundle is safely here among us, the waiting is over. My lovely wife will be helping my daughter quite a bit for the next few weeks. Dogs are not allowed in my daughter's apartment building, so I'll be home with the mutt. Besides, it's still pretty cold up here in New Hampshire and someone has to keep the home fires burning.

What will I do all alone? Boat building project! Just in case you wondered what I was building: OozeGooze

I've been putting together a shopping list for the building supply store. Well, two lists. My “A” list will be if I can get all the materials I want at the right price. The “B” list is for materials that while not first choice, will do the job just fine. Plan B will make a slightly heavier boat than plan A. Of course, there will be a number of small alterations in the design to fit my personal needs.

My first batch of epoxy has arrived. I've got to order some oar locks and other boaty bits. There are no marine supply stores near me. That's life out in the woods for you. Thank god for on-line shopping.

I'm still not sure if there will be room to comfortably build the boat in my basement. While it's only a 12 foot boat, it's a big 12 foot boat. This is a pretty big box of a boat, with a cabin and everything. There's room enough in the basement to cut all the pieces and assemble all the major components. After that I can decide whether to do the final construction it in the basement or wait for a warm day and put it together in the yard. (Yes, the doors are wide enough to fit the boat. )

This will be a great little boat for rivers and lakes around here. I've two 6 year old granddaughters who would love adventuring in such a boat. We could sail, fish, camp and live like pirates. Should be fun.

This boat design has been used successfully in the Texas 200. It's good to know it's adventure ready.



  1. THAT should keep you out of mischief for a while! :-)

    1. . . . and yet, mischief seems to follow me. :)

  2. I had a friend way back in the '60s that built a boat in his basement and miss measured the entrance and had to tear part of a wall out. Where there is a will there is a way.

    1. It's the classic mistake. It's something people joke about, but it happens often enough.

  3. I'm outfitting a van and want to add some solar capability...any chance I could pick your brain for advice?