Tuesday, March 5, 2013

On standby

Regular readers of the blog may remember that my lovely wife and I cut our Florida trip short because my daughter thought her baby might be here early.

As of this posting, no baby yet. We've no regrets about cutting short our trip, even though the baby wasn't early after all. We made a decision and then didn't worry about it. As it is, we've been of some use since we got back. My lovely wife has accompanied my daughter to several doctor's appointments.

For the last few days, my wife has been staying at my daughter's apartment. A couple nights ago it looked like baby time, but that turned out to be a false alarm. Anyone who's been through this themselves knows how it can be.

My daughter's husband will be out of the country until at least May, so it falls to us grandparents to step into the breech.

While my wife's been with my daughter, I've been home keeping the woodstove going and taking care of the dog. No dogs are allowed in my daughter's apartment building. At least we got together today for coffee.

It shouldn't be much longer.