Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blind and Toothless

Love your enemy has got to be the most ignored teachings of Christ. Christians will dig up obscure Old Testament teachings to justify hate, but something from lips of Jesus himself is ignored. It's a hard lesson.

Why would Jesus say something like that? Is it because he was the son of God and only a supreme being could do such a thing? We'd like to think so, but if you start to pick and choose his teachings, where does that lead? Jesus didn't teach that for he benefit of your enemies, but for the benefit of your soul.

The Buddha teaches that revenge is a hot coal one holds in their hand hoping to someday throw it at their enemy. Who really suffers? Hate and revenge are heavy burdens to carry. In the land of eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, all are blind and toothless.

Jesus said to turn the other cheek. We are supposed to absorb some insult and then be willing to accept a bit more. Hard hard lessons.

On my spiritual path I also studied martial arts. I know what to do after turning the other cheek. Sometimes people may cross your path who've come to you for a lesson. As part of their lesson, they may suffer injury or die. One can learn to fight without hate. Hate is fear.

Then again, it is said that the most advanced martial artists can win a battle without ever throwing a blow. Insults do not touch them. Hate washes over them like a mild summer breeze, barely mussing their hair.

I am not such an advanced being. I own guns and know how to use them. I pray for the wisdom of knowing when.

Then there are the Reincarnationists. I asked one gentle soul about what we should do about psychopaths. “Kill them,” he said. “They should be released from their prison of flesh so that they can have another turn on the wheel.”

Personally, I believe every person has the spark of godhood within them. It's my job to see that spark. Sometimes I have to look really really hard. I try to love my enemies as I'm too lazy to carry the heavy burden of fear and hate.

Parents love their children, but a good parent will discipline their child. Dealing with adults is a bit different. Sometimes you have to discipline the fuck out of them.

I know I'm a flawed being, just trying to get by in a world with too much fear and hate.



  1. True sometimes being nice to one you hate can be more effective than anything.I have an uncle that i refuse to acknowledge.One time in the grocerie store he insisted that i speak to him so i told him i was sorry for his good health and have a good day.The look on his face was better than if i had broke his jaw.

  2. One thing I don't get... why people think "turning the other cheek" makes you a wimp. When I turn the other cheek, it is an act of defiance, that they didn't really hurt me the first time.

    1. That's one way to look at it. You are showing your strength, not your weakness. I like it.

  3. Shamelessly stole and reposted that one on my FB Six Bears

    Wise words seldom heeded !

  4. Fear Is the mind killer...

  5. When enough is enough to me I just don't have anything to do with them. I am nice and loving, kind and generous when I perceive to be taken advantage of I just don't speak to them at all..But I am nice when I finish my last time speaking to them, I cannot get over in this day and age people with no manners whatsoever, I just sent to my nephew by marriage his marriage photos, from late November 1991 I had misplaced them, I sent 3 notecards with good wishes and happy 40th birthday to boot, I know I will never get one iota of a thank you, no manners, he never acknowleged any wedding gifts including ours..He was only 18 and his bride nearly 18 but you could tell they had no manners at their wedding reception, the bride smoked in her wedding dress borrowed no less and drank beers..oh, my goodness..The boys mom is my husbands sister, they footed the entire wedding, baked a huge cake, lovely reception and when they gave us a huge piece to take home it tasted like cigarettes from the cigarette smoke at the reception..the grooms dad my bil apologized for no thanks you notecards, can you imagine...???? no manners whatsoever..I feel very sorry for people like my nephew he is 40 I am sure he has not changed and his wife is almost 40 they think the world is only about them...I don't get mad anymore or hurt, I know their Karma will teach them lessons I could never ever teach..What you throw out to this world you reap I have seen it and I am only 65 in about one month and married nearly 40 years, our only child is 36 we taught her she could not play with or use any gift from a family member or friend unless she wrote a thank you..she is courteous and kind and loving, she knows that she doesn't live in this world just for herself..I think the bomb thing in boston is just the tip of the iceberg of hate in our country, I believe a person should defend themselves and I know how to handle a gun, living on a farm I was taught as is love your blog, you are right on brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Manners are what lubricate social interactions. Social costs are high when we abandon them.