Monday, April 1, 2013

Sweet Success

I've good news from my friends who own a sugar house. They are successfully boiling maple syrup and getting excellent product. The season might be saved yet. I'm not taking any chances so I picked up a gallon right from the sugar house.

Their sugar bush (maple trees) are located on the north side of a mountain, so there's a chance it will stay cool enough to extend the season.

I asked him if he had any ideas why the first boil was of such poor quality. Some of the locals think it was because there wasn't a January thaw this year. Usually there's a few days in January when the sap flows, but nobody taps. Perhaps the first sap run of the years was sap that would normally have flowed in January. Who knows? The business is as much art as science.

At any rate, I've got mine.

Hope everyone had a good Easter. Mine was spent with family. All my kids and grandkids were together in the same room, so I'm a blessed man indeed.



  1. Not that I'm feeling unlucky if you know what I mean but you are a lucky man being able to have your family around you...

    1. It today's world, it's harder and harder to do so I really enjoy the times it happens.