Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

It's a pet peeve of mine when everyone refers to the US National Holiday as “The 4th of July.” That's just a date. It's Independence Day. Don't forget it.

I'm feeling pretty darn independent. Of course, these days what independence we achieve is often in spite of the government, not because of it.

Violent revolutions have a troubled history. Heck, judging from what's going on on Egypt right now, they have a pretty troubled present.

As an adult I learned that the US revolution was not nearly as neat and tidy as I was taught in school. Imagine that. It's enough to almost make one wonder if it was worth it after all. For me, I'm glad it happened, if only to get away from the silly English Royal Family.

Well, the American Revolution settled our differences with England once and for all -until the war of 1812 that is. How did that work out for us again? Oh yeah, the capital was burned and our big win happened in New Orleans, after the peace treaty had been signed. As far as I can tell, the real winner of was Canada. Fear the mighty yet very polite Canadians.

I'm not too sure how the nation is making out, with NSA spying, corporate control of government, and a massive military industrial complex. On an individual level, I'm more independent than ever. Attitude is everything.

Happy Independence Day!



  1. Happy Independence Day to you, Sixbears!

  2. I think that being independent of everything is the way to go...

  3. Hopefully, we will be able to enjoy and celebrate Independence Day once again!

  4. Happy independence day.Between yesterday and today i have smoked 48 pork butts and 45 slabs of ribs.I think it has become national BBQ day to most folks.

    1. Yum Yum. I think I've a couple of steaks hanging around here somewhere.

  5. Some of us are more independent than others. Now matter where we fall on that list, we all better learn how to be more self sufficient and a lot less dependent. What is that old rule of thumb, that a government can only last about 200 years? It has been longer than that from 1776. Just saying.

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    1. Thanks Stephen. Hope the holiday was a good one for you.