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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Long day on the road

Got in late last night.

My lovely wife and drove a 350 mile round trip to see the new grandkid. We left the wilds of Northern New Hampshire for the hustle and bustle of Massachusetts. It was hot, humid and the van's AC conked out. Still totally worth it.

I used to think that Massachusetts drivers were some of the worst in the world. Now I think they must be some of the best. They are the survivors of a vast demolition derby. Those with Boston driving experience are graduates of a particularly harsh school. Dr. Seuss designed the roads and signs are just to confuse visitors.

There was a heavily loaded pickup truck weaving down the road, with fuel cans and large bags in the back. For all I know it was diesel fuel and fertilizer. The springs on one side were broken. Occasionally the driver would hang out his open window and wave an arm in the air, making odd gestures.

I backed off, as did a couple other cars with New Hampshire plates. The Massachusetts drivers were not intimidated at all and quickly filled the gap. Insanity doesn't impress them. They've seen it all before.

Good to be home in the woods.



  1. You think that is bad, try to get into Houston during the morning rush hour (or should I say hours, since it may take hours to go a few miles) and that is on eight lane freeways.

    1. Been there, done that. Yep, it's bad, bad to the point of being evil.

  2. Houston traffic is the main reason I don't go anywhere except during the week!

    I'll never get used to it, and I lived in this area most of my life!

  3. Madness on the roads is one of the reasons I don't seem to move much...

    1. Well, if you've got a good spot, might as well stay there and let the world come to you.