Thursday, June 5, 2014

Another Road Test

It was a good day. The replacement fuel pump for the van had been delivered to the garage as promised. The predicted rain showers never materialized so I had dry conditions in which to install the pump. Installation only took about a half hour.

The road test was a 165 mile round trip drive over to friends in Vermont. My lovely wife and I had some furniture that our friends could use so we hauled it over to their place. We all had a great visit. They got some stuff they could use and we eliminated clutter from the house. That's a win win in my book.

I must admit to having been a bit nervous about the repair. Since the last fuel pump only lasted about 500 miles, this new one had me nervous. So far so good. It did seem to run better than the last one. This new pump seemed to handle waste vegetable oil better than the last one. 95% of the time the van was running on waste vegetable oil, so that was good. One can't but help wonder if a replacement fuel pump is something that should be carried on the van.

Somewhere in the middle of all that I even managed to order some epoxy for my little boat project. It won't be long before I can get back to a fun project. All these emergency repairs are getting old.



  1. I'd definitely consider the spare fuel pump.

  2. One just never knows about the spare fuel pump, I would get it and not worry..Your projects sound great, pretty soon your boat will be great..Have a warm and lovely summer, we are experiencing 15 days of cloudless sunny weather temperate temperatures and no rain, hallejuah thank you Jesus and the Universe! Ciao

  3. i'm with gorges.
    i thought if they were expensive it might be too much, but how much would it be if you needed it and couldn't get it.
    make sure needed tools [an extra set, maybe] are stored with pump so no tears when pump blows in podunk.

  4. I'm thinking the extra pump might be the way to go. I know that you are ready to get the boat project started again, though.

  5. Where does it end with carrying spare parts? Other than wiper blades and a fan belt is all you need except in your case with the veggie oil maybe a few fuel filters.
    I would call the parts house and ask them how many of these pumps come back? Probably extremely few and you just had bad luck!

  6. I think I'll see how this pump is doing. It was a bad one. The previous did go 188,000 miles. However, I will price out a spare, just to see what they go for. Maybe I'll buy one for the next time I drive across the country.