Friday, June 20, 2014

Boat project delays

Last fall my Ozz Goose sailboat project got put on hold. The hull was turned upside down, braced and wrapped in a large tarp. It was past time to unwrap it and see how it survived the snows.

Of course, nothing is simple. There was a 105 watt solar panel lying on top of the pile using it as a expedient panel mount. After taking the panel off the boat, I decided to electrify my shack by the lake. Down to the lake the panel went. A large 12 volt marine deep charge battery, charge controller, 400 watt inverter, light fixture, and power strip later the shack was electrified. Once again, the panel is in a “temporary” location until I can mount it on the shack roof. That will happen. Soon. Really.

The tarp came off the boat and the bottom of the hull looked just as I left it. Flipping it over revealed the inside also looked good. It really paid to seal everything in epoxy.

Did I get my tools out and start working on the boat project? Of course not. While down by the lake I noticed the wind was blowing hard and variable. Looked like fun to me.

My lovely wife and I put up just the main on our Oday 19 and went to play in the crazy wind. Good fun. We even buried the starboard rail into the lake until water came into the cockpit. My fault. My lovely wife was at the tiller and I was supposed to be the ballast. Misjudging the wind I ended up on the wrong side. The boat swung around and soon righted itself. No real danger, but quite the rush anyway.

The real big problem with building a new sailboat is having a perfectly functional one sitting in a lake just a few hundred feet away. The building season is short so I'd better get focused. (maybe I'll have nice dry days with no wind . . .)