Sunday, June 29, 2014

What bugging out looks like

Do you want to see what bugging out looks like?

Look at all the world's boat people: the Cubans trying to get to Florida, the Haitians being turned away from the Cayman islands, the Africans crossing the Mediterranean, Pacific islanders trying to get into Australia.

How about land routes? Some days it seems like all of Central and South America is trying to come in the US by way of Mexico.

What? You mean to tell me those people are not bugging out and that they are refugees? Well that's the word for someone bugging out: refugee. Doesn't sound all the glamorous does it?

There are a scant handful who “bug out” by commercial jet or even sail away on their yacht. It's a tiny handful. These are the people less likely to leave in the first place. The very fact that they have some financial means indicates they were doing fine where they were. It's hard to leave investments behind.

Refugees are leaving their homes because they are further down the collapse road than other places. The future is here, just not evenly distributed.

When I look in the eyes of refugees do you know what I see? Human beings, little different than me.



  1. Try to get your average right wing bigot to see this point.
    Average Joe bitches about the illegals taking his jobs , yet it is the right wing business owner who hires them for the most part.
    Almost none of these so called "Christians" look just slightly deeper into their own souls and can see that for the grace of God go I....
    Very soon here, being born an American will not be what it has always been.

    1. It's easy to find the godhood in our fellow man, but it's worth looking for.

  2. I feel sorry for those poor people, especially the children. But what happens to American cities and towns when they turn into what these people are running from? Laws are on the books for hiring illegals. Enforce them with jail time. If there is no work and no free benefits they won't want to come here illegally. Maybe they will try to straighten their own country out first and make it livable. No one follows the law here anymore. Why? Heck, our Constitution isn't even followed by our own lawmakers. We here in the United State are being overrun, taxed and regulated to death. Where is our freedom? Your taxes are going to explode to pay for housing, schools and welfare for these people. And we don't even take care of our own first. This Republic is at a tipping point and it doesn't look like the outcome will be good. Think really, really hard about what your choice will be. Rant over....

    1. During the depression of the 30s, Mexicans went back to Mexico. At least they could grow enough food to eat.

      Things change and the US might not always be top dog. Mexico might be stopping US citizens trying to sneak in someday.

  3. Did I miss your point based on the two previous comments? I thought you were pointing out the prepper/survivalist misconception, that running away is going to be a fun camping trip/picnic.