Thursday, February 11, 2016

More Recovery

I had about 30 gigs of data on a thumb drive. Turns out that salt water and memory drives don't play well together. Letting the drive dry out didn't help. The computer recognized it, but could to load it. A friend suggest soaking the drive in fresh water to flush the salt out. Once the fresh water dried the memory was accessible again. A copy has been moved to my new (to me) laptop.

Between the jump drive and all the files uploaded to the cloud, my digital life is pretty much back together.

A lot of the gear on my boat was supposed to be waterproof, or at least water resistant. Almost nothing “waterproof” survived. The waterproof computer bag wasn't. The marine binoculars had one side full of water. A nice little waterproof bluetooth speaker didn't make it. Even the dry bag left on the boat . . . wasn't.

The only thing that did survive was a metal ammo can. It was thrown completely across the boat and buried under wet sand. It looked a bit beat up, but everything in it was completely dry.

To be fair, some items might have failed, not due to the water, but due to the violent motion of the boat being banged around on the shoal all night. After all, conditions were rough enough to break the keel right off the boat.

My lovely wife and I spent the afternoon filling in some gaps in our wardrobe. Most of my wife's clothes was recovered and could be cleaned up. Most of my stuff went out to sea. I don't need a lot, but it sure feels good to have a pair of jeans again. Add a few shirts, new hiking sandals, and I'm good to go.



  1. Gotta love those damn ammo cans.
    Thinking about it for a second, if something is completely waterproof as in a sealed container then more than likely it floats too and all that would have gotten you is all your stuff out bobbing around in the surf somewhere.

    1. Quite a bit of my stuff did float away, but some got trapped in the cabin.

      Those old ammo cans are just plain tough. I painted the heck out of it to slow down rusting in the salt water.

  2. Wonder where all your stuff will turn up?
    Would be amazing if someone found it!

    1. Anything someone finds probably won't be worth too much after being in the ocean.

  3. In trying to rid my laptop of all the files that they put on it at the shop where they put in the new hard-drive, I deleted ALL my documents. Now, I didn't delete them directly, I deleted a file that appeared to be a duplicate. But it wasn't. I'll drop by their place to see if they can retrieve the file If not, several things I've done in the last few months will be lost. I'm a little peeved ay myself, and a whole lot peeved at "booby-trapping" the file in the first place.