Sunday, February 4, 2018

Down the Road

Friday was a long day. We drove from Midway campground in the Everglades to Ortona Lock South. The drive wasn't too bad and Ortona is a nice place. We spent the afternoon puttering around, walking the dog, checking out the birds, meeting the neighbors, and watching boats go through the lock.

After sunset we went down to the bath house and caught up on things. We knew we were heading to primitive camping, so we took advantage of the showers, laundry and wifi. My lovely wife worked her magick on the Internet and was able to book another week later on in the month. Our winter is filling in nicely.

By the time my lovely wife was done with the computer it was late and I was tired. The laundry had finished at about the same time so we were done for the night.

Saturday we moved into a primitive campsite for the next three nights. There is not a lot here, but it's free, so there is that. One of my blog readers, Spud, suggested we look into Florida's free campsites and here we are. Not many wives would pick such a primive place to stay. I'm in good company. The cell signal is strong, and I can get some writing and Internet business done.

I had a nice talk with the rough looking character running a brush hog. Nice guy. He's going to bring us from fresh eggs from his chickens on Monday. He also told us where the bass hang out if I needed something for the frying pan.

There are some other campers around, but the sites generally are far apart. However, there is one right next to us that might get filled up. I'm told there are some sketchy folk down the end doing cocaine. That's interesting. On the other side of me down the road a couple families have set up a fishing camp.

We are booked for three nights here. Then it's back to Federal campgrounds. Those campgrounds are thought to be “primitive” but they have bathhouses with hot showers.



  1. Most folks who live the camping life help one another. Unfortunately there are also those who camp because they have no other place to be, no job, etc. and will do their best to mooch off everyone else. Keep a good eye on your stuff.

    1. Wait until you read tomorrow's blog. We had an interesting evening.

  2. The more remote the better. Nice of the fella to share some eggs and info.